Saturday, July 19, 2008

bobo bong day....

celebrated cousin JJ bday. went Shin Kushinya for dinner and headed to the Yatch Travern @ the NSRCC there...some of my frens probable know my cousin Stacey. she's known as JIAJIA! *notice her name placed wrongly intentionally...hoho JAIJAI!

i bought cupcakes for her....hoho...surprise! thanks to for the last minute order. I made the order on Thursday late afternn....hoho.... thumbs up for the service Hannah! next time will order earlier in advance so that i can see better handsfree design!

the bird day gal

swee hor?( nt the gal...i meant the cake)make a fwish!the "gee gee" look....blow blow blowsome more...blow blow blowy got sparks de?
must watch!!!

happy ppl....


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