Monday, July 27, 2009

somethings i just couldn't ain't anyone's fault. it's a matter of understanding and also a matter of each and individual character.

Often i think to myself why i could be so stubborn at times. And also why i could be so heartless. Now what i really feel is, i think money can do wonders. Should really start saving more...treat myself to a better life. Or even go overseas and never to come back again.

I've never really totally forgive or rather open up the knot to what you said to me few years ago.
Indeed,i did complete my tertiary education. But i think you had a big part to play for almost stopping my education. Not that i enjoyed studying, but given a choice at that time,i would still wanna further.But you never ever ask.

Putting my name into this house was also by no choice. You've never thought of the consequences of my later stage. At age 21, i am already stuck with a big loan on hand.

You've never put me as priority. All you wanted was to go everything your way. Regardless of what i have in mind or planned.

Does it make a difference whether i am at home? I don't think so. Perhaps, i am just a chauffeur whom you need whenever you need to or when you could not find YOUR FRIEND. Yes i am ignorant to the household chores. I am ignorant to the contribution of the finance to the household. But tell me why should I?

WHy did i slugged myself to work during my poly time? juggling myself from morning til after midnight. Never said a single thing about it rite? Could still remember that few year's CNY. i even worked on the first day of CNY.

Many other things that are kept away from me. Yet i get to here a bit here and there once in a while. I tried ignoring it as i didn't wanna know the truth as wad is done is done.

SOmebody tell me what to do...


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