Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hope the shares bring me luck today...

i am so looking forward to the paintball session this saturday. Hopefully i would be able to slot in. Excited as it's my first time and also,it's been a long time i met up with old friends...

Went to my first yoga session on monday. hohoho...alot of movements and positions i cant get it...i must have looked stupid. but i did my best...It felt great after the whole session.

some people just doesnt seem to wake up their bloody idea. It's time they grow up and not rely on people anymore. I am sure it's just bloody plain fucking excuse -and that is LAZINESS.I just can't believe it....They take things for granted.and best of all its NATO. well, i guess they think it's ok to do so. but good luck to them to their future. hur hur... i wonder what lies ahead of them.i would be once be firm and not give in. yup that will be it.

gotta be more focus and not let external factors affect me.I CAN DO IT!!! off to gym!


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