Thursday, July 31, 2008

busy busy busy

past dayssssssss had been busy busy busy..... and i "finally" fell sick...down wif a flu. quite bad....

as mentioned was busy wif work... work work work... i've recently took up some tuition assignments to fill up my time during the day time. realised i had been slacking too much for past 1 year. at least i'll be doing something in the day time to make me move around then to sit around and do nothing. It's interesting going back to be a tutor.

Taught tuition while i was in poly and upon graduation i stopped.can u imagine tat time i was 18 years old and i was doing alrite with my tuition kids... Guess wad? one of the parent find me tooooooo young to be a teacher nonsense. anyway i know wad i am capable of when i decide to take on an assignment. It's interesting how i looked at things are now....i realised i dun really work for money. but more towards contributing back to the society. not that tuition is something wonderful but it gives sense of satisfaction when u see improvements in their grades. There's more than juz teaching and receiving paychecks. i get to see the different families style. really interesting....hoho....i slowly taking up foreign assignments like koreans, china, arabs...i guess i wont mind taking up assignments in homes or orphanages...

my insurance side is doing fine....thanks bro for your support ah! lolz.... amazing thing abt insurance line is.....there's nothing better than insurance. in terms of remuneration and flexible timings.....splendid!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

stupid fella...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

bobo bong day....

celebrated cousin JJ bday. went Shin Kushinya for dinner and headed to the Yatch Travern @ the NSRCC there...some of my frens probable know my cousin Stacey. she's known as JIAJIA! *notice her name placed wrongly intentionally...hoho JAIJAI!

i bought cupcakes for her....hoho...surprise! thanks to for the last minute order. I made the order on Thursday late afternn....hoho.... thumbs up for the service Hannah! next time will order earlier in advance so that i can see better handsfree design!

the bird day gal

swee hor?( nt the gal...i meant the cake)make a fwish!the "gee gee" look....blow blow blowsome more...blow blow blowy got sparks de?
must watch!!!

happy ppl....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008






Monday, July 14, 2008

too much things going on my mind.....

did i really misunderstood u?

did some thinking....and i realised i've kinda lost the touch of friendships of many....not that it doesnt matter to me but i've always taken for granted that it's all about mutual trust and understanding.... perhaps it ain't as simple as it seemed...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

busy busy busy day....left home at 840am....and i juz reached home.(it's nw 2.50AM!)

day was packed with work, fun and performance. from joo chiat to clementi to boon lay to changi.

i hurt my right arm or rather the whole right hand. think i strained it. hopefully the salon pas will help...coz i'm performing tomorrow again. lotsa lotsa performance coming up....

i was kinda glad today was busy....or am i jus "avoiding" something? i've lost the courage to call you anymore. yet when i pray and think hard,u would call.

*i miss you

Saturday, July 12, 2008

went to nihon mura for lunch on thursday.... just me n chung....first time tried hot sake...nt as bad as i thought...

damage done : $110!!!!!

later tat day i went to John;s ROM reception at aloha changi. nice cottage with a nice seaview. But one thing was the weather......

Today another BRUNCH + DINNER combined (1 meal a day) at Sakae. had their high tea buffet with my cousin and gilbert. and we headed to watch this...

quite a alrite show...i guess it will have more impact for those dog lovers and owners though. I heard someone cried out loud in the cinema and sniffing....quite exaggerating right??? evil me...but it was funny.

was feeling bored and thus head to AMK Hub. walked ard and landed at the arcade. didnt play but watch others played. Was sitting at this dance machine there watchin a freak dance. it was damn funny....i juz couldnt help it but luff...his moves were juz too "action pact".

alrite...busy day tomorrow. gonna start my day from 8am til night.

Friday, July 11, 2008

dear dumb diary...

i'm at a crossroad once again...everything's in a mess.

keep telling myself things would go by its way...but it doesn't seemed so...or am i worrying too much?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the tears that dropped down isn't becoz i am sad.

i'm not angry with you.and i won't.

i'm juz very disappointed in you. utterly disappointed.

it's no longer a matter of forgiveness. It's a stupid and foolish mistake made by both of us. Stupid on your part. Foolish on my part.

u r history!