Monday, September 29, 2008

i know you ain't happy at all....

i went to Giant for some grocery shopping in the evening...halfway,ah bren called!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooo happy!!!! at first i thought it was some stupid syndicate from overseas who would try to trick you into believing u won some prize in some draw crap...haha....

miss u so much!!!!!! so nice to hear from you...and i am really glad you are doing well there....and best part is that you've been good...hmm....

Yesterday morning went to give tuition til about 2. then headed to Heartland to shop around and get cupwalker....tsktsk...after which i went over to my aunt's place for MJ. woohoo....won $55.

also watched the F1 race there...impressive. in my opinion, to have the race set up in Singapore post a great challenger for the racers. Considering the width and angles of the roads in additional to the "smoothness" of our roads. Anyway, it was a great pity for Massa on the incident. It was such a freaking stupid mistake on the misleading "greenlight " signal.

reached home about 10+pm. watched shows til 1 plus. seemed like i have gotten used to sleeping earlier and getting up early also. hmm....wonder if it's better...haha...I'm hoping the next few weeks would pass soon....all my students gonna have their exams. big big headache...3 more weeks and it would be then i can really take a good break. hoho...

I've taken up another school's percussion team which pays good. =) i guess i need to sit down and start my 2009 plans to balance my insurance and teachings. stress!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Went to Auston's Steak for dinner last week. Been wanting to try it for some time as i always see long queues.

The mushroom soup. It's pretty good...i'll give like 7.5/10.
I ordered the sirloin steak. i would say it's pretty tender. I liked the potato salad side dish...
Stacey ordered the Chicken with sausages. well,i felt that the chicken is too dry. Sausage pretty normal.
Overall the price is pretty alrite.but's the kind of place where i'll go once in a while. Would prefer E Blackboard still. even better then botak Jones.

been busy ... really busy... been wanting to blog. but everytime i think of uploading and arranging the pictures.... i'll just shut down my laptop and zzzz... lolz

basically been busy with work...esp with the recent economic issues. I've also started to teach CO in one of the schools. going to start another one soon... i dunno if this is the track i wanted. definitely with interest,but...there's something deep down in me that is resisting. anyway, just follow my heart.

Recently subscribed to SCV under a promotion. anyway it was a funny deal with the salesman la...currently i have the whole channels under SCV. i dunno why la...but i only subscriped to only 3 basic groups and 2 chinese star movies. its pretty cheap.about 20 a mth only. but i'm enjoying lots more rite nw... =)

theres so much to blog....mid autumn festival(which is like already over for few weeks),outings and bla bla...

went to Taka few days before the mid autumn to get mooncakes...then we went to

the starters...mushroom soup and brachusiettas

Rate : 6.5/10
Side order : calamari

Rate: 7/10

Main course...
Chicken meatball spaghetti.

Baked Penne with fish.

Overall 7/10

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Sunday, September 7, 2008

had a relaxing sunday. woke up at 9 and washed up. watched one of my favourite show - doraemon. lolz. after tat went to an assignment followed by an appt. came back home abt 2 plus. had a nice lunch (too bad no pic). my parents and I went to the food fair at Suntec. I bought the Korean rice cake and my mum cooked it. yummy tasted like the Chinese rice cake.just tat it's of different shape and more QQ.
talking about the food fair, i think this year aint as great. perhaps the stalls there are more or less the same as the previous fair. the crowd aint much too. but i was pretty interested in the mulberry jam which can be used to add in beverages. they demonstrated the different ways to make the beverages which is said to help lower cholestrol,better sleep, better circulation blah blah blah blah.....i had a taste and found it quite nice. i didnt buy on the spot....but after i went back home,i felt my digestion gets better. i shit damn lot...haha...(i know its beri er xin)

i sent my parents to CHIJMES in the evening to attend my cousin or aunt's wedding. i seriously dunno how she is related to me. i tink it's my aunt's wedding coz it's my dad's aunt's daughter. meaning it's my dad's cousin. so weird rite? i didn't want to attend coz i'll get the same questions every time. apparently my dad's side relatives (in fact the gals) seemed to get married to nonSingaporean. one cousin to a Jewish. another aunt to Aussie. another to caucasian. maybe i'll get attached to some Bangla...haha...scare the whole shit to my relatives...hoho.... after dropping off them, i went to Suntec to get the Mulberry jam. damage done - $70 for 5kg.

hopefully it will have good effects. will recommend to you guys if it works!

below's the photo that my colleagues and I went to Miss Clarity at Katong.nice to see my "long ma" there..haha...she's the boss of the cafe.

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The married man, John

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slurping up from the plate.....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
licking the plate...eewww...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
secretary and ah John
Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingdunno what stunt she doing....
Forgot to take the food pics....after dinner we went to Bliss Cafe since all of them haven been there...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The boss and secretary...1st shot...and yvonne complaint about nt getting ready...

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2nd shot...i forgot what's the phrase tat i said....but it was funny la....u see my boss expression...

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3rd shot....

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me and Wilson...1st take

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2nd shot...
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the busy secretary...

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the BIG lychee magarita

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wilson and yvonne

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mrs yeo came and join us.....

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the happy people...