Saturday, August 30, 2008

i woke up today (29 aug)feeling very down. i had a sad dream...i dreamt that for some reason i would be migrating to UK. and the feeling of leaving my friends and family just felt so yucky. and of coz the worse part was when i saw U in my dreams.i couldnt control myself and cried and cried. i didn't wana let you go. somehow u knew it....and came the perfect kiss....

then i woke up. wtf.

anyway, after i settled my "feelings", i felt much better. in fact i was smiling to myself as i went for my appt. lolz

silly dream.

anyway,i've been really busy....i meant really really busy.i dunno when but i seemed to hurt my knee. cant really squat. went to the foot reflex on last thurs but it only seem to help jus a slight bit. sooo looking forward to sunday to go wif airen for the foot spa n massage....woohoo...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my legs are back shoulders too... i guess age's really catching up. After these 3 days at the NUS bazaar and tuitions i am so freaking tired! not mentally but physically. i need a good foot reflexology badly.kinda miss the one in Taipei though it was freaking pain.

Got to meet new friends at the NUS bazaar. and of coz some "old" frenz like Jay from Emitasia and guess wad? i say Jiwei! i actually saw him and find him familiar since the first day.But it really didn't cross my mind that it would be him.thought it was someone who juz kinda look alike...until today,he called me and "verified" our identities. wad a small world.

talk about small world,i applied for credit card from Citi and i tink they misplaced my income taz assessment and a lady called me to follow up on that.her name was Kareen. as she was hanging up,i suddenly strike a conversation and asked her if she was from my Sec sch. and she said YES! OMG! i neber get to talk to her in sec sch coz we were of different lengths as in i was the "white" while she was the "black". I was the prefect and she belonged to the "black" group which always kena from the prefects and discipline group. She was a big bully in sch...hoho... to tink the world is so small!

after today's work i went to Hougang Mall to have dinner with my cousin and also look for printer. I have been sourcing around for printer these days and i kinda of deciding between the Canon or HP one. similar functions. Canon - $299. HP- $279. so today i went to have the final look. i stepped to Harvey and they only had the Canon one which i also kinda preferred over the HP. so i decided to go to Challenger to see if the price is more attractive. The trip to Challenger was irritating! all becoz of the stupid salesstaff! true indeed i was there on Monday to take a look. So he approached me and said that he saw me 2 days ago. (he wasnt the one who served me then. but as salesperson he prob think i am coming back to do the purchase). He STRONGLY recommended the HP one. and i voiced out that i wan to see the price for the Canon one. He kept recommending the HP one in a not so ethical way by saying the Canon one nt as gd and such. but the specs is the SAME! the worst that he did was when i said i still prefer the Canon one, he gave me a look. the irritating look that says :"huh? Canon no gd still take"

WTF! i guess customer have their rights and choices rite? i told him straight that Canon in Challenger only 1 year warranty. HP promotion tats y gt 2 years warranty. Since same price as Harvey,i shall go Harvey to but the Canon one coz they give 2 yr warranty. Also if i decide to get the HP one i shall order online instead of buying at Challenger! and i walked off. never seen a salesperson like this. I will definitely go back and irritate him!

becoz of him i lost the mood to get the printer also....heck!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

not feeling too good rite nw...had a flu 2 days ago. self medicated. cured the flu but came the rest.the usuals. went to the clinic and it ain't open. wtf! i seldom wanna "donate" money to my family doctor and juz when i decided i need to it didn't welcome me.
Next few days is gonna be busy for me... all the way til next week. having a bazaar at NUS next week. pray everything's going to be fine.

recently one of my friend...hmm or i would say pub friend, passed away. She's the lady boss of the pub that me n my frenz frequent. very shocking. she died in China while having a holiday. Still investigating but suspected was due to blood pressure. i guess her husband must be very sad. he recently closed down his pub and next this happened. her name's Tracy. she is a very wild and fun woman. she can be very direct and blunt. but on the other hand,i admire for who she is. If she dun like you,she'll show it right in front of you. She's someone who doesnt hide her feelings.even when she's down,she aint ashame to shed tears in front of you too. all and all are juz memories now. i really hope she'll rest in peace. and i hope her husband,Peter and her family will be strong to pull this over.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

after so long....without you coming to my mind...i finally saw you once again...and with a surprise... =)

been a good gal....real good gal....working and working...somehow everything's going on smoothly right now...and i have been give alot of different opportunities. and in someway,i'm quite clear wad i want. *pat on the shoulder