Monday, June 30, 2008

it's hot hot hot!

these 2 days weather is terrible. so humid and hot.

went to Suntec today for the Maple event. So pissed! anyway it's hard to blog out wad happened there but i am really pissed with the playpark section's staff. eeeeeeek!!!!

i do think that Asiasoft is damn bloody smart. Thru the stupid PPC,they had earned so much. OMG! Esp when the auction event....cant believe the gamers have tat much cards. minimum per card is about $10.30. and u see stacks n stacks of PPC these gamers earned. I thought my cousin was terrible till today when i saw lagi worse.....1000 pcs of PPC would come to an amount of $10300. and it's just MAPLE PPC. imagine u add others like CABAL, AUDITION PPC, OMFG! Asiasoft is indeed smart.

They captivate not the small kids but the "older" ppl too. Don't think these games are just for those pri and sec kids....u see youngsters like my age or even older ppl there going crazy.

I'm watching this show - LOVE AT HARVARD. very nice!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

oh yes i will be changing a new blog skin soon....still browsing around.... coz got ppl complained that it's too small to be seen...

no wonder u need a new LCD monitor which is BIG...lolz....u know who u r! =)

great day

Today seemed a nice day for me. Everything went on quite well
woke up early tis morning...guess i am used to getting up at 8+ nowadays ever since tat stupid incident last 2 weeks. Anyway,was slacking at home and supposed to meet zw for lunch but kena aeroplane til late afternn. So i slacked at home. Decide to browse for some job openings and sent over a mail. Within 30 mins i received a call and was offered an interview. having dilema coz i dunno if i can retain my insurance side at the same time. My plan is to find another job for the next few months to cover abit of my loss. Anyway, heck...juz go and give it a try. Hopefully the remuneration will be good. If i could get a 5-10k i would leave after 2 mths and go back to concentrate on my insurance side. Yet i am thinking on the other hand,if i worked extra hard i would have earned this amount at the insurance side too. But i'm so down to do sales right now. But then again,i have a closing appointment tomorrow!! woohoo...somemore it's a super cold client. first expat to be honest.
Went for a car wash finally and pumped expensive petrol then picked up zw. We went to parkway parade. Indeed a happy day coz i was complaining on the damage on my previous blog of my cashcard. Guess wad? I received a call from UOB Parkway saying that my cashcard was retain by the ATM. hoho...i forgot to take after topping it up. Actually i dun understand y they must issue the receipt before the cashcard comes out. It should be reversed rite?? Lucky for me no one was behind the queue for that ATM. And when i reached parkway UOB it's off their closing hours but luckily they let me in to take my cashcard! Damaged reduced.
Went Yakun to talk rubbish and serious business with zw. after that head to office to prepare for my documents for tmr appt.
Went for rehearsal at TECC. After tat went to pick my cousin and head to airport to fetch my aunty. At the airport we had this:
The last time i had was with Brenda....her favourite. sent my aunt back and home sweet home.
yea another happy moment : my air con fixed! yuppie!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oh freak about aircon juz leaked....

24 June

today is a busy day i would say....left home at 730am! haven been going out so early for dunno how long already...

my team had a presentation at NUS. glad that everything went on smoothly,including my presentation. I was pretty nervous at first but i managed to calm down and get it over. but the youngsters at NUS really made me feel i'm like "older".

After the presentation we went to Singapore Poly FC6 for lunch! hoho....back to my lao di fang of 3 years. the chicken rice still taste the same!yum yum...

then we headed to Kallang leisurepark. we went for bowling...then followed by a movie - Zohan.

it was fun and all....
After which i went to meet my parents for dinner at suayness kicks in...after a damage dinner of $80,i went to top up my cashcard-$20. then we went to Giant to do some grocery shopping. i accidentally kick into the wheels of the trolley and hurt my last nail. then my tummy aches so i went toilet...then i decide to browse for some dvds. Upon reaching the carpark, i realise my cash card is missing! WTF! i remember putting it at my back pocket of my jeans. i dunno how i lost it...cant be toilet coz i would have noticed it then.
Inside total value was close to $30. urgh...further damage! damn. i search everywhere and i juz cant find my cashcard! no choice, i went to purchase a new cashcard which looks damn ugly. cost me $5 juz to get the stupid cashcard! darn!
while i was trying hard to save up money, the other hand keeps losing it.eeeeeee....yucks!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

thru old age of times

was at AMK hub few days ago. i saw an old couple....very loving. yea u may tell me seeing old couple hold hands now quite common. But the way the old uncle held the old aunty's hand...i could juz feel it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

boring saturday

It's a boring saturday.

Time seemed to pass by so slowly today. i dunno why. been slacking the whole day.

going to bukit panjang later and perhaps a drinking session. hmmm... perhaps not. i wana save more money.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear dumb diary,

finally i touched up the links and music and stuff.....welcome!

Past week wasn't good but i ain't going to talk about the bad part. I realised i "enlightened" alot.

i believe there's always ups and downs in life. I guess i had enuff of crap in my life. I'm gonna overcome the rubbish. back and stronger for sure....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the birth of my new blog!

18 June 2008.