Sunday, January 25, 2009

Its Chinese New Year!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

been freaking busy and tired! busy with work, meeting clients, rushing here and there for my students' performances, own performances, rehearsals for my overseas performances... and in the end, i give up on doing a good spring cleaning of my room. My study table is still a big mess!suan le ba....

I did my hair rebonding this morning...spent like 5 hrs in the saloon...luckily i went early at 830 am!!!wanted to go do my usual last minute shopping but by the time i am done with my hair, pumping petrol, washing my car it's like 3 plus already. I was really tired and hungry. Last night CC,J,JM,BT came over for MJ. I guess i lost the stamina to stay up late already or was I really tired? we started the game at 8pm and ended at almost 5am. i really cant tahan already...need more "training" lolzz...

Wanted to blog about my secondary schoolmate but didnt have the time... I woke up on Monday 12 Jan and i on my computer...which is unusual as i dont have the time to go online in the morning. I'm nt a morning i would slack on my bed til it's the "time" to bath and off i go...but perhaps God wanna tell me about the news about Kaiyan...he passed on . I was shocked as i got to know the news thru facebook invitation to the wake. I got to know him since sec 1 as we take Higher Chinese lessons together with another 5 friends. the 7 of us would travel from Tampines to AMK for our lessons. He was in the CO too. he's known as "the only guy in pipa group". He's also in the AVA club which my prefect group would always work hand in hand with them. we lost contact after graduation...but i met him on the street one day few years back and from then we kept in touch thru SMS. he never fails to remember my that he's gone,i do hope he find his peace. hopefully he would meet my godfather there too.

The loss of my godfather and Kaiyan made me realise alot of things. Most importantly, i learnt how to appreciate and cherish my friends and family better. never know wad would happen the next day. So remember, when i call u all out for a kopi or meal, dun reject me ah...I'll try to blog as often as i can so that i can always roll back to memories... I would pen down my thoughts in a diary too to leave messages to my closer ones....

alrite,back to the festive mood...we had a wonderful reunion meal... steamboat with alot of yummy ingredients....i bought the live prawns...super fresh and slurp. Mum cooked pepper crab and my favourite once in a year- Dong Gu Fa Cai(mushroom). I opened up the Abalone ...haha...yum yum...

Many activities lining up for the next few days and weeks...Usual visiting on the 1st day of CNY. would try to "clear" the visiting of my families on this day. 2nd day would be with my friends' house visiting.would go our first station at uncle suqing place and we'll plan from there whose house to go to... 3rd day to Friday would be work as usual and rehearsals. Friday having performance at Raffles with the President Nathan as the GOH. then Sat going colleague;s and boss house...Sunday still planning...should be Louis's place and gathering wif the gang.and very soon i would be flying off to taiwan!!! sooo looking forward to it...

i went to Moon ladder wif KO. Nice chat. hope u remember what u said...

i'm waiting...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Half a month of 2009 is gone! how time really pass....

the start of the year wasnt a pleasant one i would say. on 1st Jan, Dad was hospitalised due to a bad cut on his finger. and it's still not fully recovered. kinda gross though and i don't even dare to take a glance at it. Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. it could be worse...

6 Jan 2009 was my cousin's wedding. Congrats to Ah yan and i really wish both herself and her husband will have a blissful marriage. On the wedding, i got to meet my elder cousin Ah Ying whom i have not met for years...glad that she's doing fine.

My godfather passed on on 7 January was quite a sudden one. From the moment he was hospitalised, i had a bad feeling. i delayed til after Ah yan wedding before i visit him at the hospital. It was worse than i expected to be. the reason for my delay was becoz i dun wanna 'clash" with my cousin's wedding. After visiting him, my parents and I went back home. i dozed off while watching TV and forgot to take off my lens. But wad woke me up was a loud long buzzing sound in my ears. I took a look at my HP. time 5.36 am. then The phone rang. my godmother called to announce the bad news. After which we were all busy preparing for the wake til Sunday 10 feb.

It was "interesting" to find out so much more about my godfather from my sister and brother which we were distanced for few years. In fact, my godfather's death taught me many lessons though we may not be really really close.many lessons about life which is so simple yet many may somehow take it lightly or for granted. one very simple example is Whenever a friend or someone asks you out for a meal or just a cup of coffee, be open to it. u'll never know when's the very last meal or outing with someone would be. for this, i regret not fulfiling my promise.

Been trying to settle down my timetable n such. Till now it's still quite a mess. with performances coming up n festive seasons around the corner. hopefully it will get through soon.

I'll be going Taiwan in feb. 12feb to 20 feb. be going to taichung, yilan and taipei. would be going with my troupe and stacey would come over to meet me on the 16 th in Taipei. feeling broke.shucks. time to RUN!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year to all!!! It's 2009! how time flies... I'm a good gal today. no party no drinking. Stayed at home enjoying ice cold beer to myself. Sorry to stacey to "withdraw". aint feeling too good either.

been packing my room past 1 week at my own pace...haha. really slow lor...i see my room i feel like fainting. i dunno where to start from. Well at least i settled my wardrobe. got rid of alot of things already...and i mean alot!

Resolutions for 2009...

1. To stay happy.

2. To stay healthy.

3. To earn more money.

4. To SAVE money.

5. Spend wisely.

6. To change car.

7. To travel out.

8. To do volunteer / social work.

9. A burberry's bag.

10. To have a child but i dun wanna settle down......yet =)

My wishes to some...

Zhiwei : I wanna see you happy in anything you do. How we got to know each other is by fate and i will never let it go. Just know that I'll always be there for you all the time should you need someone to talk to....though i know u got bro also la... Study hard and start building up your career.

Bro HQ : everything's on track for you right now. congrats! Looking forward to you coming back soon. Thanks for the support when i am down. i really really appreciated it. Thank you brother!

Stacey : my beloved cousin... dunno wad to say...quick quick find a job you like and start your career path up. fast fast find a guy to settle down also. arbo always nonsense til dunno when. jiayou oh...!!!

Adele : Airen, thanks for everything! Toast to our friendship! i wanna wish you happiness and stay pretty!

Adelyn : yo yo yo....u must jiayou also oh...yao xin fu!!!

Chenchin/Louis/Jim : hey hey bros...stay funky and cool! though we seldom meet up or so, remember our bond stay strong ok???

Lina/ Cindy : biao meis .... stay pretty and happy ok??? wish both of you huat huat huat!!!

Peter : thanks for tolerating my nonsenses everytime and almost every other day. do feel sorry for the way i treated you. hope you find a nice and lovey partner soon!

Lawrence : Hey baby...thanks for your help and nonsense. Find yourhappiness ok? Huat ah!

Elen : Take care of your health and have a handsome baby! after delivery can chiong liao!!!

Lynda : take care of your health and i look forward to baby ox!

To whom i left out, you are not forgotten...esp. Walter, Vee, Lindy,Jessica,James, John, Peifang, Kenneth, friends and relatives, toast to our friendship and kinship! and to my clients and friends, Thank you for your support and making where i am right now.

May 2009 be prosperous and filled with joy,health and wealth!